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Meredith Fraser

Children's Book Author

Widget Examples

Using the Widgets

Just call the appropriate function: calendarWidget(), blogWidget(), or newsWidget() anywhere in the PHP code of a molds file, and the widget HTML will be output. You may need to assign the output to $custom_asset variable if adding to a Custom Asset.

Setting the Number of Items

Note, you can change the default number of items shown in each widget by changing the three corresponding preferences in prefs.php. Also, you can set a specific number of items to show for any particular instance of a widget by declaring the count in the function parameters like this:


which would display eight items.

Item Inclusion/Exclusion Control

Events will only display if they are in the future, the Hide from Home Page option is not selected, and they are Approved.

Blog and News items simply display the most recent and published posts/articles.

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